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If you live in a country where CoinPayments is not supported or if you cannot use CoinPayments for any reason, this service is for you! Buy a CoinPayments account now and start using it instantly. Our fully verified CoinPayments accounts are ready for sale.

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What is CoinPayments?

CoinPayments, Inc. A company specializing in cryptocurrency payments and transactions. It also has a digital currency storage wallet.
The company was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. The business model mainly targets potential investors and crypto traders. The company aims to attract people by offering a fee of 0.5%. In other words, whether you buy or buy crypto money, the company charges 0.5% of the total amount as a fee.

Coinpayments is a platform where you can get paid with cryptocurrencies through your website.

Buy Verified CoinPayments Account

CoinPayments is originally an online wallet (like Coinbase) but also has a mobile app.

The app is pretty well optimized and easy to use. It offers access to the wallet and the ability to process transactions and accept payments.

Since CoinPayments is originally online, you might think the mobile version is not as functional or pleasing. However, according to CoinPayments review comments on the internet, the mobile version of the wallet works quite well and perfectly.

The mobile version of CoinPayments is available for Android and Apple devices.

Finding a cryptocurrency wallet that supports 1900 altcoins is not easy. CoinPayments has many attractive features. These include “Pay-by-Name” that make it easy to transact and “Vaults” that keep your most valuable assets safe (proven!).

If you want to take advantage of the advantages and opportunities offered by CoinPayments, you can buy verified coinpayments account. Buy CoinPayments account and start using it now.

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  1. zavar t. berq

    It was delivered only a few hours late, other than that the account is perfect. Special thanks to Marc He solved all my problems albeit belatedly and sent a long explanatory e-mail expressing his kindness.

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