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Why should I buy a Payoneer account?

If you live in a country where Payoneer is not supported or if you cannot use Payoneer for any reason, this service is for you! Buy a Payoneer account now and start using it instantly. Our fully verified Payoneer accounts are ready for sale.

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What is a Payoneer account?

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Payoneer Account

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a USA-based virtual payment system proven worldwide and serves at economical prices. The primary purpose of this system is to provide payment services to businesses beyond borders and expectations. Payoneer has attracted the world’s attention by detecting more than 150 currencies. One of the essential points that distinguish it from its competitors is that it can be easily integrated with marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and can make instant seller payments.

Buy Verified Payoneer Account

As Payoneer is a proven payment system worldwide, it provides its users with the opportunity to receive payments from multiple sources. In addition, large companies from big marketplaces such as Amazon to Google accept payments through this platform. In addition, it demands meager commissions from you. Another advantage of Payoneer is that it provides the convenience of collecting and managing the stores you have opened on multiple platforms in a single Payoneer account. As a result, if you define a bank account in your Payoneer account, you can quickly transfer money to all banks in your country.

To create a Payoneer account, you must first log in to the company’s website. Afterward, it would help if you went to the Sign-Up page and filled in the required fields. Be sure to use English characters here and enter the correct information. After this form, carefully fill in the forms that appear before you. At the end of the four stages, your membership will be realized. After completing the audit and approval, you will be confirmed that your membership has been defined. Another critical point is that applicants must be over the age of 18. Buy verified payoneer account.

When registering with Payoneer, ‘Prepaid MasterCard’ is selected as the card to be used, and registration is carried out in this way. Afterward, an account is opened in the United States on behalf of the user, and a MasterCard, named ‘Payoneer Card,’ is sent to this account. Your Payoneer card is sent to the address in the system within 15 days following the application. Then this card must be activated on the system. Although this card provides many advantages to users, it is not mandatory. With this card, which offers multiple transactions, you can withdraw money from ATMs and use your Payoneer card for shopping. Buy payoneer account.

● Payoneer Fees:
There is no fee to activate your Payoneer card, but if you want to change the card, you must pay $12.95. If you inquire about the balance via ATM, a $1 fee is charged. When you withdraw money, a payment of $3.15 is taken.

● Payment Commission:
When receiving payments via accounts on Payoneer, a commission of 1% of the payment received for the “US Payment Service” is charged. There is no charge for the “EU Payment Service” and “UK Payment Service.”

● Commission for receiving payment using balance:
0.50% of the payment received using Payonner’s balance is taken as commission.

● Making a payment:
There are no fees for making payments to global payment system accounts or in-network payments.

● Money transfer commission:
In Payoneer, you can make money transfers with your reference numbers. Thanks to the reference numbers, these transactions are completed safely. If you transfer money to a different bank account, a commission of 2 percent of the transferred amount is charged.

● Withdrawal
Withdrawals with Payoneer cards can be made from ATMs of contracted local banks.

● Getting paid
Sharing Payoneer information with the company to be paid, to receive payment through the user account in Payoneer; The company that will trade must also use the platform.


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