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What is Stripe?

Stripe is a financial services and online payments company headquartered in San Francisco. Founded in 2010 by Irish entrepreneurs John and Patrick Collison, the company enables web developers to perform payment transactions over their websites and applications with API infrastructure.

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The motivation for the company’s establishment is shown as the difficulty of credit card transactions in the relevant years. During this period, when processing a credit card payment meant working with a traditional processor or a broker who would provide a processor, the Collison brothers began to develop the application while they were students and launched the prototype. Then, with the initial capital from the famous startup supporter Y Combinator, both the development of the final product and the foundations of digital products are laid with purchases.

Stripe launched public services in September 2011 and soon became one of the highlights of Silicon Valley. Stripe, which is shown as one of the most valuable private companies of today, has grown so fast that its products are digital and developer-oriented.

Stripe has many products such as Radar, Sigma, Billing, and Atlas based on business and payment operations and integration forms such as Payments and Connect. In addition to the tools, I will mention application solutions I did not have the opportunity to experience that is accessible through the platform and usable after account activation; Atlas is one of them. I guess you have found many articles about Atlas regarding the execution of payment transactions in the USA.

Stripe Atlas: From what I have told so far, we can conclude that the primary purpose of Stripe is to eliminate the problems in the internet world and to enable all other enterprises to focus on their core business. When we consider the procedural part of the business, incorporation is also one of the problematic issues for entrepreneurs. At this point, Stripe has a solution called Atlas. With the help of this service, it becomes possible to establish a small company in the USA within two weeks. Entrepreneurs worldwide can show a Delaware-based company in the USA and open a bank account. As a bank, Silicon Valley Bank partners with Orrick for legal affairs and PWC Stripe on the taxation side. The application fee for the Atlas service is $500. Then you have to pay $25 per month for the bank account. Apart from that, he has a fixed annual payment of about $400. I should mention that Stripe Atlas is also a trendy solution among Turkish entrepreneurs. More than 10000 startups have used Stripe’s Atlas product from more than 140 countries. The total investment received by these companies was over 1 billion dollars. Considering all this, we can say that Atlas is a very successful solution to support the company’s main product.

Stripe Radar: From Stripe’s perspective, one of the biggest obstacles to e-commerce is that people still fear credit card fraud. As a solution to this problem, Stripe introduced Radar, a fraud detection system, in 2016. The machine learning algorithms it uses to detect fraudulent activities among billions of transactions are pretty successful. 80% of all credit cards in the world have passed through Stripe’s system an average of six times. It provides a wealth of behavioral data associated with each card, along with user information from other financial partners of this company. All this data that Radar has is the basis of a very successful machine learning algorithm for detecting inconsistencies on the purchasing side. Although there are many similar companies in the market, Stripe’s ability to closely monitor all transactions on its platform and to track IP addresses gives them a significant advantage. Like Stripe’s core product, Radar is a simple API that doesn’t require businesses to have a separate security team.

Stripe Sigma: Another product from Stripe is Sigma, which helps customers quickly analyze Stripe data. Sigma, a customizable SQL tool, is another way for startups to simplify business operations and provide an ever-expanding toolkit for businesses. The most valuable queries for different business types have already been created in Sigma. With the help of this product, the month-end financial closing process of many companies has also accelerated. Instead of manually combining multiple data sources every month, a solution has become possible with a few simple queries. Another product that fits very well with Stripe’s developer-friendly identity.

Stripe Issuing: Another area in which Stripe has invested for about two years is to be a credit card provider. With the API offered by Stripe, businesses can create their credit cards. Typically, companies had to apply to banks for this need. Stripe is also attracting the attention of its existing customer base by eliminating procedures as much as possible in this business. Considering the over $2 billion valuation of its rival in this space, Marqeta, it’s clear that there’s a massive opportunity for Stripe.

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