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What Is Coinbase And How Does It Work?

Coinbase, among the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is a cryptocurrency exchange that is curious by crypto money investors who have just entered the market or have not heard of it before. Although it has a controversial structure, we can say that it is the leading among the prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges by many.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase, crypto investors, large enterprises; that is, it is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows institutional investors to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies.
Although there is not a wide variety of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase compared to other exchanges, more than 85 cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold through Coinbase.
In Coinbase, as in other cryptocurrency exchanges, you can buy and sell at least 10 dollars. However, among the points you should pay attention to, we can say that apart from this 10 dollars, you should have some dollars for the commission.
One of the methods of depositing money to Coinbase is a credit card. However, you can now make crypto money transactions with your credit card after you become a member of Coinbase.
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History of Coinbase

As you know, Bitcoin emerged in the first months of 2009. Three years later, Coinbase was established to offer cryptocurrency investors and traders the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, to call Coinbase, just a cryptocurrency trading platform would be an understatement. Because Coinbase also has services such as storing cryptocurrencies of institutions that manage billions of dollars worth of assets.

Another issue we should mention is that Coinbase started trading on NASDAQ in the second quarter of 2021, on April 14. In other words, it became a public company with approximately 100 billion dollars. This is one of the points that show that Coinbase is reliable.

Coinbase Trustworthy?

As we said, Coinbase is one of the most extensive formations in crypto money. It was even allowed to be listed publicly on the NASDAQ. In other words, we can say that Coinbase gives confidence to America’s financial institutions.

On the other hand, Coinbase members can use their accounts securely. So they can trade cryptocurrencies without any problem. Of course, the security of your account is up to you. Downloading unknown, non-genuine applications to your phone, tablet, or computer and logging into untrusted sites may jeopardize the security of your account.

This is not just for Coinbase. You are responsible for the security of your account on all other cryptocurrency exchanges. Already trusted cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase allow their members to upgrade the safety of their accounts.

In addition, the exchange says that investors store 99 percent of their crypto assets offline in cold crypto wallets. So it’s a secure stock market against a possible hacker attack. However, you should continue to manage your investments and research the stock markets yourself.

The End…

As a result, it is possible to say that Coinbase is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, regardless of small or large investors. Some reasons to trust Coinbase are that it has partially gained the trust of its legal institutions in the United States, provides cryptocurrency trading services to millions of investors, and enables asset companies that manage billions of dollars to buy cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, we can say that Coinbase is a suitable platform for people new to the world of crypto money. You can buy crypto money with a credit card and make transactions without difficulty, thanks to the application’s simple interface.

This content has been written for informational purposes only. Comments and statements contained in the range are not within the scope of investment consultancy. It should not be forgotten that investment consultancy service is personal. The information in the content may not be appropriate for your financial situation. For this reason, it should be considered that the information in the content will not contain sufficient information to support your investment decision.

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